'Rokan' is a word that expresses the beautiful, dark, even deep green of bamboo.

Bamboo grows all over Asia, and since ancient times, the Japanese people have had a deep connection with bamboo. Now, Japan is perhaps the only country where "bamboo craft art" is widely recognized as an "a modern industrial art."

The Iizuka family of artists, including Hosai I (later Houou), Hosai II, Rokansai, and Shokansai, have led gthe life of bambooh. This line of artists played a central role in the development of bamboo craft and art starting in the Kanto Area in the Meiji Period, and seeing their influence grow to national prominence in the Taisho through Heisei Periods.

Rokando is an organization whose main activity is to manage the works, documents, copyrights, and portrait rights of the Iizuka family.

In recent years, the works of the Iizuka family have been collected not only by Japanese, but also by collectors and art museums worldwide, gaining recognition as supreme examples of the art.

Rokando's mission is to further awareness of the beauty of bamboo artistry as born in Japan, and to support the art. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Mari Iizuka
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