Exhibitions showing Works related to the Iizuka family

"Great Modern Japanese Masterpieces from the Idemitsu Collection"
Dates: 2008.9.6 - 10.26
Place: Idemitsu Art Museum in Tokyo (Marunouchi)
Works by Rokansai exhibitedՁ@Flower basket
Yl iSumitorij
Ձ@Flower basketiMatsukazej
Ձ@Flower basketvʁikusudamaj
Ձ@Flower basketxMiFukij
Ձ@Flower basketHiHoraij

"Paintings and Crafts exhibition"
Dates: 2008.12.16 - 2009.2.28
Place: Tochigi city Kuranomachi Museum
First half:Rokansai Flower baskets exhibited ݔN, Mannen, Chakago
Second half:Rokansai Flower baskets exhibited ѓa@Rinden

"Collection exhibition. The Brightness of the Kimono, The Beauty of Lacquer, Wood and Bamboo Works"
Time: 2008.12.20 - 2009.2.22
Place: The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Arts, Industrial Arts Building
Rokansai flower baskets uavHouden, andu񂱂vAnkou

"Craft Today - Tradition and Creation"
Time: 2009.1.1-3.15
Place: Kyushu National Museum
Shokansai work exhibited: |hҕH TakesashiamiHishimonTeiban

"Treasures from the Idemitsu Art Museum Collection
The beauty of the tea ceremony, encountering tea utensils, and discussion"
Time: 2009.1.25-3.15
Place: Tochigi Prefecture Art Museum
Rokansai Flower baskets
Flower basketsDP Orihime
@V Kotobuki
@Vr Chizuki
@V Fish basket
@V݁X΁@Banbanzai --Works listed in random order.


Tochigi Prefecture art museum, collection exhibition
"Museum choice 'Just This One Work' Iizuka Rokansai hanging flower baskets and fish baskets (݉ԗ TurihanaGyorankago)
Place: Tochigi Prefecture art museum,
Time: July 5th to October 18th 2009
In this exhibition, with using a close-up picture, you can see parts of bamboo baskets you usually can not see, such as the bottom of flower baskets, decorations of fish baskets, etc.

Ota city, Kanayama regional exchange center opening event
"Shokansai Works from the Permanent Collection"
Place: Ota city, Kanayama Regional Exchange Center
Time: May 30th to July 26th 2009 & November 1st to December 23rd 2009
Works are displayed at the gallery in Ota City Kanayama Castle Remains "guidance building" which was designed by the architect, Kengo Kuma.

Ota-city collections are not usually presented to the public, and last exhibition "Iizuka Shokansai Works Posthumous Exhibition" was in 2004.

"The Tradition of Bamboo Craft: Iizuka Hosai, Rokansai, & Shokansai" exhibition
Place: Tochigi city Kuranomachi museum.
Time: September 11th - November 25th, 2007
81 prominent works from three generations of the Iizuka family were exhibited, spread over two serial exhibitions.
This was the first exhibition to present the works of three generations of Iizukas together.


Japanese Bamboo Baskets by Kodan-sha International
Several important works from each of the three generations of Iizukas are shown in this coffee table book.
This is a very beautiful book showing important works of the bamboo craft in Japan from the Meiji era (from 1868), from classic to modern works, with novel pictures. In addition to excellent photographs of top works, the book contains artist interviews, and writings from collectors. Iizuka Mari also wrote an essay about Rokansai and Shokansai.
Rokan-do provided photographs and documents for the publication of the book.


The Shokansai bamboo basket, X҉ HyoretsuamiHanakago which had been displayed with Ikebana flowers in Hotel Okura, was restored to its original beauty.
The work was revived splendidly through the artistry and technique of a skilled bamboo basket artist.

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