Tanabe Chikuunsai
The Tanabe family has produced bamboo pieces continuously since 1890 in Sakai City, Osaka, passing family techniques down from generation to generation.
Shochiku, who is the son of Chikuunsai III, is the fourth generation of the Tanabe family to make a living as a bamboo basket artist.
He creates both traditional baskets, and modern objects and exhibits them in Europe and America.

This is the site of Takeniwa Urusai.
In this photo-gallery, you can see a lot of bamboo baskets which belong to or have passed through the hands of Mr.Takeniwa Urusai. He has been collecting bamboo pieces for many years.
A number of Iizuka family works are exhibited too

Kodansha Ineternational
"Japanese Bamboo Baskets" was published in spring of 2008.
This book presents works of well-known bamboo artists from generations ago to modern artists, including three generations of Iizuka, with splendid photography.
In addition, the book features artist interviews, the essays of collectors, and Mari Iizuka wrote a essay for the book as well.

Fujita Shuheihttp:/
Mr. Fujita was the photographer for the book, "Japanese Bamboo Baskets".
Although it was the first time he took pictures of bamboo baskets, he brought out the qualities of bamboo art extremely well.
Moreover, the cover of the Rokando website is the work of Fujita, too.

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